Apologies and [SYWZ] Resuming after a break. This time with a better, steady pace

Hey there, everyone.

I am truly sorry about the unstable release times I had lately. I had truly a busy and stressful year with a lot of school projects and assignments, as well as some personal issues to solve, which left me with barely any free time for other stuff.

I plan on resuming my translating activities officially starting from mid july, after taking a good break to relax after having spent such a tiring year. This time, I will be fully prepared to go steady for at least a year without any more break of this kind.

I will make another post at the time of my return (so please feel free to register by entering your email on the right side bar if you want to get informed by mail when this happens).

Half a month may seem long, but please rest assured that it will be worth the wait.

Until then, we will be getting the official authorizations from the chinese publisher, and therefore, there will be nothing to stop me when I get back.

I am really motivated to complete this translation of SYWZ, and really want to thank you for your interest in the novel as well as your support.

Until then, I have begun to set a Patreon page, for those who will want to support me in this long adventure and commitment. I will inform you when it is ready. As for the rewards, please feel free to give me recommendations in the comment section if something comes to your mind. I will definitely keep them in account.

  • Zeth

    Good luck Totobro!
    I will be waiting!

  • leopold1983

    Great and gravity is a good platform! Glad you step it up!

  • Danilaors

    no worries friendo
    take your time, we all will be waiting for you
    thanks for your hard work!

  • thankyou, id rather you take a few weeks off than this become a weekly translation. If that became the case theres no way i’d bother keeping up chapter to chapter. Your doing the right thing

  • Jonathan Hurd

    Real life has to come first. Enjoy your break Toto. We’ll be here, :D. Considering how long this novel is. Completing it is more of a marathon than a Sprint. So it is best if you don’t wear yourself out and take a break when you need one.

  • Luke Confidential

    I am glad to see that you’re setting up something a little more stable than donations Toto. Best wishes for the coming year of Divine Throne.

  • Tomislav Ivko

    Thank God you are alive and ok! Sort your things first than come back stronger we will be waiting peace out

  • HornyKorn

    Thanks for the update and the hard work!

  • Kaarme

    Have a nice summer break!

  • Rc

    Thanks its okay, keep going

  • Evan Maulana

    Thanks toto :))

  • Kenneth McPhee

    Thanks Toto. Enjoy your break and all the best when you come back.

  • MLReader

    THANK YOU TOTO!! it’s your own very well deserved break so it is very much okay and you also gave us your reassurance to continue this project, so i think that’s good enough. Also we all know the hard work you put on every single chapter soooooo go all the way for your summer break!

  • ben10

    Question: is Cai’er’s weapon and Ah Dai’s weapon of Good Reaper Novel (same author) the same?

    Ah Dai’s weapon is an assassins weapon (given by the King of Assassins, his master)
    In manga of Good Reaper it is not yet transform into sickle it is already considered as Divine Artifact, then i saw this picture of Ah Dai in novelupdates which show his weapon transform into sickle.

    Are they the same or have connection?


  • Tomislav Ivko

    Toto is everything going as planed? It has pased midle of the month we are expecting you to start posting chapters as you said form midle of July and there have been no news from you?

    • He mentioned middle as in the 15th or 16th he’d Resume translation. Hoping for a chapter today

      • Tomislav Ivko

        so i guess mid has pased now what?
        arghh i know that unexpected things always come up and that planing something on exact date is hard but i hate more than anything when you cant at least put a word of notification that you will be late or etc

        • he has now, apparently these partnering with some other website

    • ianis

      well it’s summer so we should just hope he has enough time this days to translate it

  • Luke Confidential

    Mid July huh?

    My faith was pretty strong up until yesterday, after all mid-month tends to range from the 10th to the 20th or so.

    I hope you come back swinging strong like you said you would Toto, this late arrival is a scary sign.