• From Thesun

    where is the chapter

    • m4l4g0s

      first woohooo he is back.

      second i second that. i think toto’s bro got too excited and forgot the link xD

    • Ty added it

  • Jean Hsu

    Life at totobro is hard ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Alex Hirschel

    When ever I try access your site it says your domain has expired. Is it just me or is it an ongoing problem?

    • Alex Hirschel

      Edit: The domain error is fixed.

  • Hello I had this issue and investigated it.

    Basically it’s because I forgot to renew the domain totobro.com before transferring it, and it expired before the new host renewed it.

    Sorry about the issue, I just renewed it manually thanks to the “grace period” making it so that for some time after the expiration, it still “belongs to me. Now it’s retransferring so the site should be up when the transfer is done.

    Could you please inform the novelupdates people from that? Since you seem to have posted the issue

    • justfactsplease

      yeah no problem , i was thinking it was something to do with the transfers and i’ll take the link off as well , thanks for the great work ๐Ÿ™‚
      Ps hope the time off was fun

  • Sarlisark

    a totally different question.
    concenring the donation barometers:
    Did you forget to put them up again after the transfer, decide to stop with them or is just my bowser missing them out?
    I know that the transfer and stuff produced a lot of problems and so on but I was curious about it for quite some time.

  • Btch Sensei

    Just a question but do you have a certain donation goal that needs to be reached to publish more chapters per week? If it doesn’t interfere with your personal life of course.

    • Hello, sponsored chapters are paused temporarily for now

      They will be back in a later time.