[SYWZ] 465

Greetings, from totobro’s brother, who had been, as a reminder, tasked with editing and posting his chapters on his behalf for about a dozen days.

Here’s your first chapter of the week! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. That’s quite an interesting novel so let’s hope as many web users as possible will be able to enjoy it.

  • Hairy Ferengi

    Thank you totobro’s brother 🙂

  • Charity Pontejos

    Thankyou bro

  • Michael Benton

    taaaaaaaaaannnnkkksssss totobro’s bro!

  • Jonathan Hurd

    Considering what Totobro’s name is does that mean you are Toto? lol.

  • dreamer

    Is there a new chapter today?

  • Evan

    Will there be a new chapter today or tomorrow? I thought the chapters are released once every three days………

    I’m not being mean… just curios coz I’m excited to read the next chap.