[SYWZ] 464, and temporary admin for a week.

Hello there, posting on behalf of my brother “totobro” who went on vacation, and didn’t find it appropriate to publish a post just to announce it, especially on an April 1st, please just call me “bro²”. The rest of this post is written by him, but next week, I’ll be the one posting:

— “Chapter 464 is out! Please have fun reading the new chapter.

Being just done with my mid terms, I will be in the countryside during the first ten days of April, but I’ll have my brother post for me. As usual, expect one chapter about every 3 days (will try to raise the pace when I get more free time). Hoping you’ll enjoy! Please really consider disabling your adsense on the site to support it please.”

  • justfactsplease

    You need to get a better set of chains and handcuffs, and a longer dog lead for walks ..but this holiday thing …bah ..he should be working 🙂
    cheers for the release Bro 2 ..:)

  • kerferoth

    is there any site that translate douluo dalu 1 and 2 as good as this translator? i found sites with messed up translations ==

    • Mugiwara

      SHUT THE HELL UP dude, are you among those f*ckers who threatened Bagelson?! Instead to be grateful that he is translating for free, a real fan translation, you dare to BADMOUTH HIM?!!

  • Sokin

    Good luck in your new job bro² !
    Have fun vacation toto !!