• Pbn

    So the 10-15 chapters that were supposed to come out during the downtime of the website won’t be released? There won’t be a compensation for the readers either?

    • knightlol

      the readers did get compensation, they got thier site back. dont be annoying.

    • reaper_unique

      He lost a lot of time trying to figure things out by himself before asking and getting help. P.S. he can’t just move to wuxiaworld for example cause that site probably has agreements in regards to licensing and ad revenue.

  • Rai

    Thanks for the chapter! Very appreciative of how hard the translators and everyone involved works.
    Truly love this series, and it is really important to me.

    What I want most is to be able to continue reading and supporting this long term.
    Has there been any mention of licensing and such?