[SYWZ] 459 + regarding the color of the text

Divine Throne, Chapter 459 is out.

Also, it looks that the updates by mail are working correctly now. So please feel free to register if you want to be notified of new releases.

By the way, posting a little poll since the issue has been raised: (please click on the link above the post to view it)

polls & surveys

Please enjoy the read.

  • xxpointblanqxx

    oh nice. emails are back!
    I’ve missed like 200+ chapters so far lol
    Time to play catch-up
    Thanks for the chapter

  • Revlet Xannic

    I think this poll depends on when people read. cause white text on black bg feels hella nice at night,while black on white would be better for the daytime. this is my personal opinion though

  • kirindas

    If I’m reading on my phone, then I can just activate ‘Color invert’ and flip it to Black background and white text when I desire it. So it’s not a big deal for me either way.

  • MangoGuy

    actually,both colors are ok depending on when you are reading.If possible,getting a option to customize the color between two options would be great but..I am all in for white!!

  • Drgnblu

    finally emails are back time to binge read

  • MythosDragon

    …..I completely forgot this existed.

  • leopold1983

    Thank you Totobro!

    Is it normal that your posts are now uncategorized?

    It was posted in SYWZ before.

  • carol

    Dude try to download and install a plugin that let us switch on/off the night mode, something similar to wuxiaworld’s..

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Considering all the crashes I think it might be safer to just hold off on installing new things.

      • reaper_unique

        Although the site was never the issue 🙂 WordPress is very stable.

  • craptonium

    Firefox has about:reader where you can invert and set up your reading experience anyway you want.
    The book icon in the address bar that appears in the browser.
    I think Vivaldi has this too but can’t remember how it works and whether it works well.

    Honestly, rather than playing with the site, you should get someone to do a Stylish theme or few for Totobro and just do a notification for this somewhere. Stylish themes can allow for users to quickly set up some basic colors according to their whim if the coder allows this properly at the theme screen before installing it.
    Works on all browsers.

  • Douglas Blatt

    Welcome back!

    I usually read novels on my smartphone or tablet and most all modern smartphones will save battery life by having a black background with white text. It’s not to hard to code a one click theme switch button to white/black so a toggle button to appease all the masses is preferred however i am biased by mobile devices battery so i will always say black background white text.

  • Roctis Kravei

    Color doesn’t matter as long as chapters are coming out? So how does this work now, you will resume translating without posting the supposed to be released chapters during the downtime? I don’t mean to be rude, I just want to know so that I won’t expect, it was hard during the downtime not being able to read any SYWZ chapters.

  • Illuminati

    I prefer white background, but a little black or other color on the sides, I mean around the center area that is supposed to be for the main text, could be a lot better. It’s a bit too much white as it is, and if it were the reverse with black instead of white, it would be too much black.
    Or even simpler, just put a background image.