[SYWZ] Delayed due to new year

Hello, due to a big hangover being busy with the new year -a bit of both actually, the latter reason could said to be the formal one, while the former could be said to be the informal one-, I will have to delay the next standard release of sywz, it will come out on Tuesday (1/2/17) (today or tomorrow depending on your timezone basically), hopefully ~midday.

Sorry for the short delay. I am very grateful for your support and your interest! You are the best readers and fanbase one could hope for!

  • Zeth

    Happy new year Totobro, or Drunkbro?

    • Thank you, same for you!
      Happy new year Zeth

  • 1%crit

    Np Totobro, Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, same for you!

  • Angel Yagami

    Happy new year DrunkBro cx

  • Kenneth McPhee

    Happy new year man 😉