[SYWZ] 434 & 435

Hi, everyone. Here is chapter 434, and 435, double release as promised/

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  • Nope

    The page for 434 isn’t working properly. “Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 434
    No preview this time. Please look forward for this chapter!”

    • Skeith

      Same thing. Can’t access chapter 4324

      • manoucha111

        same here too

  • Tatsu

    Thanks in advance for fixing 434.

  • Yeah 434, pretty sure the upload just didn’t go through. <3 you totobro

  • Alex Hirschel

    It might just take to to re-write the pg or to update the site/server. I know on my wordpress sometimes it takes a while for a pg to update itself for all users. Non the less it is taking longer than I thought it would. Server and nav problems are constant so…

  • Diego Portela

    Still not working…
    Maybe he went to sleep and will see it anytime soon.
    Thanks for the chapters!

  • Guys use -2 in the url it’ work

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      Thanks a lot!

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      Dude, I love you forever kkkkkkk

  • that is at the end make it as shen-yin-wang-zuo-chapter-434-2/

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    Can’t read 434

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    Can’t read ch434:(

  • josha671

    Still can’t read 434. I hope he sees the messages soon and fixes the problem with 434.