[SYWZ] 422 – please consider giving some support through the ads pls, really.

Hi, the chapter 422 is out, please enjoy the read.

I have to make a little request: please consider supporting totobro through the ads please! It would really help, as the ad income has been getting neglectable lately :s.

I changed a bit the settings, hoping that things would start getting better, but your help is really welcome for that. Please consider disabling your adblocks, and giving a look to the sponsored content that may seem of your interest. That would really help, don’t worry, the banners have been placed on the side purposely so that it wouldn’t disturb anyone’s read.

  • Zeth

    No problem, always with the adblock off in your site.

  • sergioGM

    okay πŸ™‚

  • Sigh

    Thanks for reminding. I had it disabled before I reinstalled windows and then forgot to disable adblock here after setting my pc up.

  • kekkojoker90

    I had it off too

  • Anto Wibowo

    i’ve never used any adblock πŸ™‚

  • MangoGuy

    The only place I use ad block at is volaretl.

  • Mirodin

    Dont want to be rude or anything. But maybe people would donate more often to the translation if it was a bit more fair. What translators usually do, is have for example 7 regular chapters and some possible sponsored ones. You, on the other hand, postpone the regular chapters when a sponsored comes through. So in a week where you got 7 sponsored chapters, you release no regular ones. Thats like holding back 2,5 chapters in your case. I think that people maybe arent as incentivized to donate like that. Just my opinion πŸ™‚ Great work on the translation though, thanks x)

    • Is that so? I just don’t really have the time, and find it hard and fair enough to do 2 chapters a week but well.

      And I have never said anything about wanting donations, they are merely bonuses. I’m not translating for the sake of money so I never minded a low rate of donations, they are merely accelerating the process from 3 days (currently), to one, which is more than fair enough imo tho.

      All I just said is that I wished for some support through ad if possible, since the rate of Adblocks had been really high lately.

      (Btw the rate are improving little by little, thanks a lot to everyone!)

      • Mirodin

        Sure, it was just a suggestion. Thought that more donations could be more helpful than the ads. As for the money part, I think that you deserve to get something from all the time you put into this πŸ™‚ just that people might be a bit discouraged from donating as it is set up. But if you feel that it works better for you, then who am I to say πŸ™‚

  • Samantha

    Hi. The reason i use an adblock service is because of ransom ware issues that come through because of advertising. I dont have 600 odd dollars to fix my computer and get back hijacked photos and documents each time advertising invades my phone or computer. Advertising at the moment is to much of a risk. Instead im happy to donate every month if you have a means. πŸ™‚