[SYWZ] 365

Hi, here is chapter 365 everyone.

Thanks a lot to sponsor Sofoklis S.

Also, lately, the site crashes for a few hours soon after a release. Please know that if this persists this time too, I will be temporarily disabling the mail notification, the time this reworks. Sorry for the inconvenience, as this is a trigger to the increase of the load on the server, and disabling it should make this problem disappear.

  • Olbid


  • Drama

    Thanks ..

  • Richard Currie

    Please don’t disable the notifications! That’s my primary notification and access point! The links in the emails are so useful

    • linklight2

      Yeah, and email notifications are the only way I know there is a chapter out as well! Last time emails got disabled, I thought you had died or something. Took me about a year to recheck the site, and I had missed so many chapters. Thankfully then I was able to resubscribe, and I continued to receive emails. Anyways the point is that I need email notifications. I don’t know what I’d do without them!