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    Thanks for the chapter.

    What are the usual number of standard chapters per week?

    It would be clearer for us supporters to count if you provide us with something like 2/3 of standard and 1/5 of sponsored

    • Robin

      Standard chaps are usually released every 2-3 days.
      If a chapter gets sponsored, it will be released within 24 hours. The only exception is if the sponsoring queue fills at the release day of a standard chap, then the standard chapter will be released first, as scheduled, and the sponsored one within 24 hours after it. So basically two chaps in a row. 😉
      When the sponsored chap(s) is/are released, it will again take 2-3 days until the next standard chapter is released.

      As you see, there is no fixed number of chapter releases per week. It all depends on the rhythm of sponsored and standard releases.

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          You are welcome. ^_^