[SYWZ] 333

Hi. Here is your awaited chapter 333.

Thanks a lot to sponsors Adrian H, Julia H.

To those who didn’t notice, the donation state is not treated on a separate doc anymore but directly on the right site of the site. It means that you can access it from any page of the site and can just refresh your page to have it updated.

Wow it seems that we have not had such a dense chapter in new informations since long. The true sense of the 90+ Innate Internal Spiritual Energy and the true objectives of the Demon God Emperor are things you must be very curious to know as well. So have a good read!

And along with this chapter, it seems that this page of wiki (that you can access from the button wiki above) is officially completable entirely (and I updated it a bit) while remaining spoiler-less: http://totobro.com/wiki-ranking-system/

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have some of the information this page is missing (because, well, I put in everything I had in mind but forgot the rest, like the official names of the steps of other vocations than knight).

Thanks in advance!

  • Ragnarok

    Thanks for the updates. Mind you I kind of liked the old list style format for tracking donations. Guess we shall see how this works.

    • I’m also trying to get used to that, and am more used to the past way, but I couldn’t bear the repeated critics about this system being confusing so I tried to come up with a way that would satisfy everyone better. Let’s just do our best to adapt, perhaps this change will be for the best.

  • Drama

    Thanks ..