[SYWZ] 313

Hi, here is finally the chapter 313.

Sorry about the lateness of this chapter: I tried as much as I could to connect over these past hours, but the server crash seemed to have lasted quite long.

This chapter is really quite intriguing, a mysterious strong quite in disguise, and a Ahbao even above Yue Ye and Ling Xiao in status.

This time, expect the next one to be out quite rapidly! Thanks a lot for everyone’s support!

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  • Olbid


  • Gustavo Aguiar

    Hey Toto, I have a suggestion to bring a little more traffic to the website.
    Maybe you could make a weekly schedule, for example every Monday, Thursday and Saturday you would release a standard chapter. In between those days are sponsored chapter days. If the sponsored queue is full, you release on the closest sponsored chapter day. For example, on the night of Friday someone sponsored one chapter, then Sunday there would be a chapter. If someone sponsor on Monday, Tuesday there would be a chapter too.

    This way you would make it easier for the casual reader to check the website with more frequency.

    Speaking from a casual reader point of view, if there’s nothing reminding me that 3 days ago there was a chapter, I would forget for a week or so. But with websites that have schedules, it’s easier for me to just check one time at morning and one at night on scheduled days.

    Well, sorry for the wall of text hahaha
    Keep doing a good job, and see you tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • No problem, thank you for your suggestion.

      That may be an idea, but it would also prevent consecutive days release.

      The current system produces sometimes entire weeks of daily releases which is great for the translation’s advance, so I already find it pretty satisfying, besides I can get some rest during the time of pause between the donations, which is also good.

      I’ll think over your suggestion, which contains some pretty good ideas, though it would have to wait since the server is pretty unstable right now and it’s pretty head-wrecking to think over how to solve the recent problems of regular crashes. Sorry about that.

      • Tereus

        But you can see it too that current system produces these weeks of daily releases that are without ‘standard releases’.
        I saw that once or twice when you were still on chapter ~115 and then i said myself ‘Cya, I’ll be back in a year’ and guess what? i saw it again πŸ˜›
        I’m not telling that something is wrong but both systems (Current and proposed) have their own pros and cons.
        I suppose you know about Ren. He rests every weekend (thats what schedule says) and have 3 chapters a week. If no one would donate he could make 3 chapters in one day and no one will have anything to him for 6 days.

        • You see weeks of standard release without daily releases too. You shouldn’t forget that this system is merely a bonus for the readers that can’t wait, but I’m perfectly okay with the standard pace which enables me to translate in a relaxed state and speed, while the other one makes me more productive in exchange for a bit less leisure time, though it’s also pretty satisfying to be faster in release.

          Once again, I’m open to any suggestion, but stop comparing translators between each other, it’s very devaluing and demotivating… It’s as if I compared you to your big brother that does everything better than you, you wouldn’t appreciate that right? I just take 2 or 3 days for a chapter in my relaxed pace and half to one day for a chapter in my fast pace, what can I do about it?

          You basically want me to change entirely my own self to copy others’ lifestyle by comparing us, but I just cannot, people are themselves and you cannot do everything about that…

  • Tereus

    Everything is fine and good but the one thing i’m going to nag about is that Cloudflare is checking too frequently about DDoS protection… Couple times an hour… Definitely something seems broken right now…