[SYWZ] 312

Hi, here is chapter 312.

Please consider giving some support through the ads, it would be really appreciated! (lately the ad support has been gradually going down until reaching a neglectable level. Please really try to disable your Adblocks on this site if your computer/tablet can afford it; Adsense used here and mainly paid depending on the number of visits of the sponsored content, is managed by google and thus cannot be any dangerous for your device).

Sorry about this little request! Seems that the story is growing exciting again (after these plain moments in the tower); I’ll thus do my best not to let you down either!

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  • Olbid


  • Easykill

    The site says I am subscribed but I never get any emails anymore. Checking manually is a pain.

    • MythosDragon

      This, if you brought emails back, your problems would be solved.

      Its been atleast 3 months since you turned them off, if the site was breaking use the donations to upgrade or join one of the hub sites.

      • Robin

        The notification was not intentionally disabled. It will be fixed as soon as possible. I don’t understand why you go on and on about the topic.

        • MythosDragon

          Because its convenient as all hell, and it was extremely relevant to this topic. Plus this is the only site out of atleast a hundred I follow that has ever had any issue with emails, and if you ask me as a professional service, getting emails up and running is one of the top priorities.

      • I don’t think so, registered people were less than a tenth of the readers. It’s just that there are a lot more casual readers than you may expect.

        Well, I didn’t know that some people like you were so attached to that function, thus I have just tried to put it back, but if it makes the server crash again like in the past, we’ll see at that moment. With some luck the problem will have disappeared

        Please put in consideration that back when this problem had been happening, during the times of crash (for durations of 1-2h for those who remember) following a release, the pressure on me was so harsh that I could almost not bear it anymore, so don’t think I’m just giving no care. If you had seen the harsh critics about the auto-crashes created by the releases, which kept on increasing in quantity as well as intensity for several weeks, you would be more understanding than it seems you are now. It almost caused me to develop a phobia towards the site itself.

        If the problem arises back, please understand that I will have no choice but to disable again the function, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot

        • Easykill

          Sounds like you’ve got it tough. I value the function and hope it works out, but either way I don’t intend to personally attack you over it.

        • MythosDragon

          I’m sorry if I’m harsh. I have a slight obsession with efficiency, so I really like convenient features like getting emails for novels, I get like 200 a day and read atleast half of them actively. Its partially related to my job too, gotta learn all the novel trends to better advice authors.

          My understanding was that you had too many people show up at once when you sent out emails, which broke the site. And while I’m not an expert on this by any means, my understanding is that means you take the donations and upgrade to a better host/server/whatever term. Or join a site that already has that in place. I can see why you wouldnt want to do the second due to possible politics tho.
          Also not gonna lie, I like this series, but its not too high on my list so I was usually atleast 5 hours late on reading the chapter so I never saw the crash.

  • kekkojoker90

    I dont have the adblock on tris site from the beginning

  • Zeth

    Adblock disabled as always in this site!