[SYWZ] 300

Hi, here is our chapter 300!

Thanks a lot to sponsor Anthony F!

Enjoy this chapter!

Oh and, I’m preparing to differentiate the magical beasts’ steps by calling them with another name, since it corresponds to the demon and human step minus one (ex: sixth demon step = seventh magical beast ‘step’). I think rank would be a good designation, how about it? Agreed?

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  • Ragnarok


  • Yan Howes

    thanks! And yeah toto rank is a nice idea :3
    I also wanted to add that out of the dozens and dozens of “Web Novels” that I read and their translators you are the best one out there! Maybe your story isn’t the best (still is top5) but you are the best translator. Always regular, thinking about readers, not greedy, when a “mistake” is made you take it well, and if you ever miss a chapter you’ll make up for it; which is the best you can give to your readers. I know not many of us talk here but we all love you and your work. Keep it up!
    A faithful reader :3

  • atn

    Congrats on the 300 milestone! Thanks for all your work translating.

    I agree that rank would be a good designation.