[SYWZ] 290

Hello, sorry that I’m a few hours late today ‘.’ :s.

And I have to give you my deep apologies, but the next release will be exceptionally standard (here in 2/3 days, but won’t reduce the sponsored progress), because I’m a bit sick and have to get some rest. I’m really sorry. But it should be a longer chapter, and this won’t happen again for the others sponsored chapters of this queue.

Anyway, here goes chapter 290! Have a good read!~

Thanks a lot to sponsor James W!

  • KayMaloko

    Thanks for the chapter Totobro.
    Don’t try to be a LHC and forget the pain for translating. Rest well and get back when you feel you are ok with it.

  • felix

    Take care Toto, hope you get better soon! As Kay said don’t go LHC on us ~

    ps. I think you have a typo there, I assume it’s suppose to be “but won’t reduce”

  • reaper_unique

    If you are sick, no need to apologize (although I can imagine that the people that donated might be a bit sad/angry :p). It happens. just know, you are doing an amazing job.

  • TaoistImmortal

    Have some rest and get better soon!

  • bluechocolate

    Get well Totobro! Your health is always more important!

  • Olbid


  • Sokin

    Thanks to James W !!!
    No problem, get some rest !

  • When is the subscription/email thing gonna be back up?

    • Robin

      So far, it is not in sight, so it will be an indefinite period until then.

  • Laurifax

    Thanks for the chapter Totobro and James W!
    Even though I donate to translations it is mostly because I want to support the work you are doing. Getting an extra chapter for it is just a bonus from my point of view!
    Take care of yourself and get well soon 🙂

  • NoirNeko

    Thanks a lot and be better soon.