[SYWZ] 285

Hi, here is chapter 285, a tremendous chapter that will not miss to bring a very pleasant surprise in the story.

Have fun reading it!

Thanks a lot to sponsor christian B for this chapter!

  • Sywz Fans

    please don’t forget to also bring the standard chapter… it’s about time to release the standard chapter… anyway thanks !

    • Robin

      Do you think the chapters translate themselves? To release one chapter a day is already really fast, so plase stay real.

    • anonymous

      He has also amended what sponsoring chapters do, thus he is exempt from releasing standard chapters immediately after sponsored ones.

    • I do, when the bar is not completed. Don’t you believe that it would be rude to take a few days for a release that has been sponsored by a sponsor that believes it will come out within 24h?

  • reaper_unique

    Hot damn! You are awesome for bringing us such a wonderful surprise on this Saturday afternoon. I think I love you 😀 Keep up the good work!