[SYWZ] 274 (and some thanks and news)

Hi, here is standard chapter 274 for all of you! This chapter was supported with the ads on the site! Thanks a lot to everyone who disabled their adblocks, and of course to every readers for your support and your interest that keeps me very motivated to translate the novel!

I’ve been a bit busy preparing some luggage to leave abroad (to China) this week, but these preparations are mostly finished now. This time, I didn’t forget to download a good VPN in advance, to avoid any complications!

Except from the time I’ll be in the plane, the release pace shouldn’t be affected (2/3 days for standard chapters, 1 day at most for sponsored chapters), since there’s Internet there as well, and I will surely be able to spare some time every day for translation.

Once again, thanks for your support everyone.

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    I have been in china for 5 months roughly now… I originally downloaded Hotspot shield THE VPN FAILED! well it worked for a good 2 months before China finally started actively blocking vpns… but your site should be fine BUT DON’t use google stuff NONE OF IT WORKS try to gget some hard copys copied and paste instead of using cloud storage