[SYWZ] 267

Sup’, here is an early first release of the day: the next episode of the squad’s sentimental life: chapter 267 of SYWZ.

It was sponsored by the donors Leclear B and Felix S! Thanks a lot to them and all the others!

Have a good read. And see you soon enough!

  • kirindas

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Olbid


  • defnoob

    Thanks for the new chapter! I’m wondering how this series will end since there aren’t that many chapters left.

    • Small

      I thought there was liek more than 400 chapters still or am I mistaken?

      • defnoob

        Nope, I’m mistaken read above replies.

    • V1nd1care

      The little more then 300 chapters that exist in the country of origin are seperated in 2-4 “sub chapters” so there should be around 900 of these “sub chapters” and in this translation each of them is considered one chapted (thats by the way also the reason for so many chapters sharing their titel) so luckly for us the story should still go on for some time as it should at max be around 1/3 finished (sorry for my bad english)

      • defnoob

        Ah, thanks for clarifying that up. Also your english isn’t to bad.

    • 5xx more to go. Please support me until the end of this big adventure XD.

      • defnoob

        Oh damn really? Each ‘sub’ chapter seems to have the same length as other webnovels. That puts me at ease then. I was kinda worried that it would get rushed.