[SYWZ] Chapter 259

Hi, here is your chapter 259 sponsored by Christian B, Michel B Ryan F, and last one of the series entitled Modu Core City.

Next title is concealed for now, for the sake of keeping the suspense going on.

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  • beach530

    Thank you

  • Zdeněk Procházka

    Hello I dont want to be an asshole or something, but isnt your donation a little bit ripping people off? I mean you get like 3 sponsored in a row, which should be followed by a regular. But you then wait another three days to get a regular out. Then by that standard, a sponsored chapter is pretty much just 66% of a chapter, since you are loosing on a regular one…

    • SYWZ Fan

      When I read the queue information I also thought we get a standard the day right after 2 sponsors, thus I agree politely with what the guy above said

      • SYWZ

        agree, or you can just join the wuxiaworld.