[SYWZ] Chapter 197

Hi, chapter 197, done!

Thanks a lot to sponsors Joshua S, Chris from Austria, Ivan R.

The donation queue has been maintained filled for quite long, almost one week I think; thanks a lot for the support, everyone!

  • Olbid


  • Epic

    Hey totobro, dunno how busy you are but other translators are dropping overlord after volum 9. Would you consider picking it up for volum 10? I know its a longshot but im desperate, seeing as it will take 5 years for official translations to come out….

    • Matthew Mather

      That would be odd, overlord is japanese, this is a Chinese serie, while it’s not impossible that he knows both, it’s not very likely just saying, that said feel free to correct me if you see this totobro.

      • Well, I think there’s likely a Chinese version of overlord already, but since the series is now licensed, I think it would cause sooner or later the site to be kicked off if I chose to translate it, which makes it in the end not worth it;x.

      • Epic

        scratch that, thought you said he was chinese

  • Hamster

    i know thisll be kinda way out in left field Totobro but do you happen to know anything extra on the series “Ability” by Son Jae Ho….it stopped at like ch.60 and i guess because of Noblese there holding off on putting any more chapters out….do you happen to know anything different??…i get that its a Korean series im just asking around.