[SYWZ] Chapter 185

Ey! Here we go. Got a nice birthday party and nice presents so I’m in a good mood, and although the chapter has been a bit delayed, I still managed to bring it today before the midnight clock. Expect the next chapter to be out quite faster though! Will start translating it right now.

Thanks a lot to sponsors Kurt F, Liam P (& thank you for your kind words!), Richard D, Loy L, Prakatar T, Adrian H.

Also I don’t have this habit, but quite a few people were very unsatisfied about the fact Long Haochen chose to take the blame and some even insulted the novel for this reason, which honestly made me feel quite hurt, so I chose to explain it and to give you a quotation of the part of this chapter that also explains it… It may look like an illogical choice from him, but is actually quite a thoughtful one. Life is not only about being badass and reaping a lot of merit and rewards, try to understand this fact before saying the novel is shit just because you don’t agree with a thoughtful choice of the MC.

–the quotation:

“How could he have told the truth at that moment!? This would have totally destroyed the relationship between these two great Temples. Long Haochen knew his own position within the Knight Temple, so looking at Gao Yingjie as well as the other few Mythril Foundation Knights’ face, he understood that even a powerhouse of the ninth step like Sheng Yue wouldn’t have had any way to protect Sheng Lingxin and Lan Yanyu’s couple from punishment, criticism, etc.”

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    wtf? if anyone does not like how the novel turns out, then stop reading and write one on your own!

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    About the quotation, basically it means that sometimes puddle is deeper than you see it

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    I actually think the MC’s actions are incredible. He is only 14 yet he was able to make such a fast judgment call. He chose to implicate himself because he was aware that with his status he would only receive a slap in the wrist at worst and a short reprimand at best. On the other hand Shen Ligxin would have received a heavy penalty along with his wife such as demotion. This would have also destroyed the long standing friendship between the two temples and allowed discord among the harmonious relationship which could have major potential conflicts for the future battles where the two temples would need to cooperate. While he may not have thought too deeply , he made two powerful allies with his actions that now owe him a debt and most importantly preserved the temple alliance. He did all of this without letting anything slip and on the spot. That is simply incredible.

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    I always thought that his choice was the best that it could be. Of course, it wasn’t good, but the alternative was even worse. Just because you have to choose a bad choice doesn’t mean there was a better one.
    It’s also fitting with his personality. If people actually expected him to not do that, they should focus more on reading instead of complaining, since they apparently don’t get the main characters personality at all.
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    Heh, LHC’s Knight’s Virtues are all out of whack here. Honesty and Fairness seem to be getting cast aside whilst Compassion and Sacrifice run among. All of it twisted and tangled by LHC’s familial ties to Uncle Leng as father-in-law and friend-of-his-father’s.