[SYWZ] Chapter 180

Hi, here is your chapter 180!

Have fun!

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  • As a reminder, please clear you cache if you don’t see the chapter.;’

    • Luke Confidential

      It’s strange, I’ve cleared my cache numerous times and even wiped my browsing history ‘for all time’ and 181 is not showing up.

      This sort of thing usually resolves itself within a day so I wouldn’t ask you to paste the chapter in here as you’ve done in the past, just pointing it out.

      Thanks for all your hard work totobro, you’re a total-bro for this project man ^_^

      • EclipseK

        I think he means ch. 180

      • The thing is, the chapter 181 was not even completely translated yet at the moment of your comment. Which is why it didn’t show up.

        • gratefuldead

          Hasn’t 181 been sponsored since 9.27? This is way past the 24hr caveat of sponsored chapters

          • 181 standard; I think it wasn’t sponsored at the moment of the release of 180 and at the moment I saw it sponsored, there was enough time left to bring it within the 24h.

            You know, I’m not a machine, I can’t translate instantaneously.

          • gratefuldead

            Caleb G, Johnathan M, Rasmus I, Miguel R, Dennis M181Dennis M, Victor L, Matthew V182is being sponsored by Kurt F183

            As per the spreadsheet, however, 181 (when published) has turned into a normal non-sponsored – release time. I hope that this is turned into 181 normal and 182-185 sponsored due to the delay

        • Luke Confidential

          Oh, that makes sense. Somehow I inferred from some of the other comments on this page that 181 was up. My mistake.

  • Olbid


  • Degrad

    just wondering is the next chapter going to be out Tuesday or later and u have probably already addressed it but how long does it take to do a chapter? also thanks for doing this 🙂

  • harshit

    Is chapter 181 out

    • anon

      You lied to me.

      • anon

        I misread that, my bad.

      • harshit

        What did I lie???