[SYWZ] Chapter 176

Hi, here it is! Chapter 176.

Enjoy, and thanks a lot to Jason S, Benjamin L, Michel J, Matthew L, Felix S who sponsored it!

EDIT: Very sorry: because I was in a hurry, I forgot to update queue from 100% to 0% in the doc yesterday. My mistake :x. To make up, expect the next chapter to take at most 48 h from the moment of the last release, as a free and standard chapter.

  • Kwarlis

    The link seems to lead to the teaser of 176, not the full chapter. Unless im doing something wrong…..
    Thanks for the hard work =D

    • asmodous

      Damn that was a fast reply! I’m encountering the same problem though.

      • oh. Waiting a bit before refreshing or Emptying your cache will solve the problem!

  • Olbid

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • nkanshu

    Hey is chapter 177 coming today as well?!