[SYWZ] Chapter 169

Hi, here is chapter 169!

Sponsored by Brian B, Donald T, Kaung T, thanks a lot to them!

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  • Zoddddd .

    Seems to be just the preview?

  • Anonymous

    Why is it only the preview?

    • Clearing the cache or waiting a few minutes generally solves the problem

  • iceaco

    Ouch. Heart wrenching.

  • Jemiko Manjgaladze

    Okey I got an idea . What if you do adds click donations? I mean for example one chapter costs 1$. And for every 10000 click adds pay you 1$. So if we click adds 10000 times can you add one chapter in queue? Many people can’t donate but we can click like 1000 times a day each so it will become much 😃😃

    • Doing so would be the same yeah, but inciting directly to click on ads is forbidden so I’d get removed from google adsense’s click paid ads program. Which doesn’t make it worth it! :x.

  • Jonathan.F

    Ooo need to stop reading when i am off work so i have more to read when i am on work xD