[SYWZ] Chapter 165

Hi, here is the chapter 165!

This chapter is sponsored and brought to us by Johnathan M once again, deepest thanks to him!

Also, as a side note, Zeke had the good idea of changing the ‘Demon Hunt Squad #X’ format into a ‘Xth Demon Hunt Squad’ format which looks better, so we will apply this change on the next chapters!

Have a good read!

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  • commicADDICT

    tyvm… withdrawal syndrome is a bitch 😛
    LN withdrawal from other LN i mean..

  • matricha

    thank you for the chapter…
    new reader here, finished reading all in a week roughly… a nice story, it turned to be a looooooot slower after around chapter 100ish, more focused on teen drama, but i really hope the story will make a huge change since they finished tournaments and will start demon hunting…
    a very nice concept and story settings, greatly enjoy it at the moment, please keep them coming…