[SYWZ] Chapter 157

Hi, chapter 157 is out!

Many deep thanks to sponsors Robert T, Kai T, Roy F, Ryan S.

This month of tournament is finally finished, and now… a new arc is about to start! Look forward and enjoy!

  • Olbid


  • Hamster

    thanks for the hard work

  • Solraze

    question? when does the next standard chapter come out every 2 to 3 days? or does it reset after somone sponsored it and have to wait 2 or 3 days after it?

    • Next chapter normally takes 2-3 days, but if it gets sponsored, it’s instead less than 24h.

      • HeyIAmRJ

        Since i sent you a email and you haven’t noticed it yet, i am going to reply here so you can finally read it, so have you checked your table of contents?, T44 and T45 specifically, it is quite bothersome for me as it is well literally the same thing

        • fixed thanks.

          I didn’t receive your mail. Are you sure you sent it to the right email?

          • HeyIAmRJ

            I sent it to tonytruanth@gmail.com, i found it in your donations progress link so i assumed that was the primary email used and so emailed it 🙂