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    Chapter 155: Long Haochen’s Demon Hunt Squad (II)

    In this instant, the superiority of a Guardian Knight in comparison to an agressive Retribution Knight came out. And Long Haochen’s greatest advantage lay within his Saint Spiritual Stove. In terms of ranking, the Saint Spiritual Stove was far from the Starsea Stove. It didn’t hold offensive capabilities, but its power of attraction was extremely important in regards to the security of a Demon Hunt Squad.

    “Next, the formation of the first Demon Hunt Squad is about to take place.

    Long Haochen, turn around toward the direction of the roulette. For the time being, the squad led by you will be called Demon Hunt Squad #1.”

    “Yes.” Today, Long Haochen seemed particularly sincere. After respectfully answering with a word, he headed to the roulette before standing below.

    Specialized staff members were carrying out some tasks, as ten names appeared on the roulette.

    Han Qian said, “First rotation, the warrior of this team will be chosen.” A staff member handed over a pearl faintly shining of scarlet to Long Haochen.

    Before him, the roulette started to rotate intensely, the ten names instantly disappearing from sight. Long Haochen could then only see a ring of light and nothing more.

    Under the staff member’s hinting, Long Haochen took the scarlet pearl in his hand, and placed it on the roulette. As he let his finger loose, suddenly, that scarlet pearl fell into the roulette, spinning at great speed.

    A violent, sharp, and clear shooting sound resounded. That concentrated sound of collisions affected all the competitors on stage. In particular, those ten warriors were especially tense.

    The Team Forming Roulette looked different than before. In case one was chosen, he would usually be a part of their assigned team, unless they renounced their status as a Demon Hunt Squad member. However, when renouncing after the roulette’s designation, one would not be permitted to participate in later Demon Hunt Selections. In the Demon Hunt Selection’s context, this rule was known as the ‘authority of the roulette’.

    The rotating speed gradually decreased, and the ten names on the roulette likewise became more distinct.

    The secondary hall masters of the Six Great Temples stared at the roulette. At this moment, no one would possibly dare play tricks to try to disturb the fairness of the roulette, which would immediately incur the wrath of these powerhouses at the peak of the eighth step.

    At last, the speed of the roulette decreased enough to enable one to distinguish the crimson-colored ball, which was slowly bouncing up, unceasingly sweeping past one name after another. Ultimately, it went still.

    It had stopped completely.

    Having clearly seen the name, Long Haochen opened his eyes wide. Slightly startled, he immediately became cheerful. This was because his luck was really not bad: he had just chosen an outstanding warrior.

    “Demon Hunt Squad #1, warrior, Wang Yuanyuan, step forward.” Han Qian announced the name that appeared on the roulette.

    At first, the warrior holding her huge shield, sitting on the second row, looked distracted, but she immediately walked forward in great delight. It looks that my luck is pretty good!

    Seeing Wang Yuanyuang walking forward with big strides, and under the hint of Han Qian, LHC went up to welcome her. Extending his hand, he looked at her and declared, “Welcome, new member.”

    Wang Yuanyuan restrained herself from showing her sheer delight too blatantly and placed her own hand on his, declaring, “Last time, you were lucky and won against me. In the future, if we have the occasion, I look forward to exchanging pointers with you.”

    Long Haochen chuckled and replied, “Alright!”

    Wang Yuanyuan placed her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield down beside Lin Xin, still restraining her smiling face from displaying her intense pleasure. Although she was a warrior, she was not skilled with defense. Long Haochen, on the other hand, was a knight with both specializations of a Guardian and Retribution Knight, and furthermore, had a Saint Spiritual Stove, and was also the champion of the competition. More importantly, having seen several scenes involving him on the previous day, Wang Yuanyuan saw him in another light. Although he was very young, having a knight of his caliber in her team was extremely beneficial, let alone the presence of Cai’er, who was the best assassin of this great competition and possibly the most powerful existence that had participated. As for this mage, he was completely ignored by Wang Yuanyuan.

    Long Haochen was similarly pleased because, in a team, the importance of the warrior was second only to that of the priest. Although Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t enter the top 16, she had also already broken through the fifth step. And having battled her previously, he had a better understanding of her strength. He had the faint impression that Wang Yuanyuan, with her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, was the strongest warrior of this competition. In his team, although Lin Xin couldn’t attack, all four members were at the fifth step so far. And furthermore, three of them were the strongest of their own Temple during the competition.

    From behind the roulette, Han Qian once again said, “Now, the priest member will be selected.”

    On the roulette, ten names appeared once again. The same as previously, rings of light revolved at a great speed, and the scarlet-colored pearl was handed, just as before, onto Long Haochen’s hand.

    Let’s hope for an outstanding priest. LHC was not well versed with regard to priests, but from his assumption, any of the top ten priests had to be pretty good, so he didn’t excessively worry about it.

    At that moment, all the priests were feeling extremely nervous. Amongst them, only three were guys and the rests were all girls, all looking quite pretty. Currently, there were even some of them that thought to themselves, As long as he doesn’t get married, I still have a chance!

    There was only a single exception. Stroking his large bald head, Sima Xian looked indifferently toward the terrace. For a probability of 10%, what good is there to feel nervous? How could he get such great luck?! Also, all teams have their good points. If the other members are a bit weaker, maybe I’ll be chosen as captain.

    The roulette came to a standstill. Long Haochen, who was standing behind, looked completely stunned.

    Han Qian’s voice sounded, “Demon Hunt Squad #1, priest, Sima Xian. Step forward!”

    “Eh? Me?” Sima Xian almost jumped up, his fingers on his nose.

    The looks of every surrounding people fell onto him accordingly, staring at that shiny bald head and the huge body concealed behind the huge priest gown and his imposing muscles. They couldn’t help but reveal grotesque looks at this scene.

    This… Is this a priest?

    Sima Xian came in big strides and Long Haochen appeared completely stunned, but still made haste to go up to him. Actually, deep inside, the one he was be most unwilling to draw was Sima Xian. In his Demon Hunt Squad, there was already no shortage of attackers, so the most important was a priest that could heal. However, everything cannot always go as one wishes. This probability of 10% was still drawn. Just like that, they drew the violent priest. In other words, his team would have no specialized healer in it.

    “Welcome, new member.” Long Haochen extended his hand to Sima Xian.

    Sima Xian put his huge hand down on his and said, while gently laughing, “Last time, I didn’t have the occasion to pay your favor back to you. It is quite good that we ended up in the same squad.”

    After finishing, he once again stroked his huge bald head and raised his frightening staff while advancing with big strides, placing himself behind Wang Yuanyuan.

    Seeing him, Long Haochen secretly consoled himself, No matter what we say, he’s still the strongest among the priests. That’s right! Still, what other priest could use [Madness]…

    There was still one last person, the summoner from the Spiritual Temple.

    “Selection of the summoner member for this team.” Han Qian looked at Sima Xian with a contemplative expression.

    The roulette swiveled for the third time. Seeing that his “good luck” had chosen such a priest, Long Haochen purposely hesitated for a bit before throwing that scarlet red bead into the roulette.

    After a short while, the roulette gradually ceased spinning, and when that scarlet bead stopped, not only did Long Haochen go blank, even the six auxiliary hall masters who were supervising the process, Yang Wenzhao, and also Mu Ning went blank.

    For this year’s Demon Hunt Selection, if the participant who stood out the most had to be chosen, it wouldn’t be Long Haochen, nor would it be Yang Wenzhao. It wouldn’t even be the tyrannical Cai’er, the strange bald priest, or Wang Yuanyuan who wields a shield like a battle axe.

    Capable of being well known to everyone, such that even the high-leveled people in the Six Great Temples knew, there was only one such person. Only appearing in the preliminaries once, and relying on a summoning technique of the eighth step that no one in the summoner temple wanted to face her and obtaining the first spot in the summoner temple’s preliminaries and only later showed her complete luck during the finals. Completely unreliable and certainly did not grasp the strange [Creature Summoning Gate] technique, the loli summoner, Chen Ying’er

    But at this moment, that eye dazzling scarlet pearl landed precisely in front of that name.

    Sanshui soul emperor’s expression suddenly turned odd, stared at Long Haochen, then turned to look at Yang Wenzhao, repeatedly sighed and regained her composure.

    Long Haochen’s lips twitched, Don’t tell me that my luck really has run out? How can it be her! He still distinctly remembered Chen Ying’er’s match with Wang Yuanyuan where she had summoned a small lamb. Not only was this young lady’s summoning ability completely random, she only had enough spiritual energy to summon the [Creature Summoning Gate] once.

    Right at this moment, the only thought in Long Haochen’s mind was, this roulette truly isn’t fair…

    Han Qian’s face immediately recovered to normal, then announced in a deep voice: “Demon Hunt Squad #1, summoner, Chen Ying’er, step forward.”

    Chen Ying’er joyfully leapt up and giggled: “Wow, this is wonderful. I can still be together with Sister Yuanyuan.”

    Quickly walking over, she only waved at Long Haochen and didn’t even shake hands with him, then ran over to Wang Yuanyuan’s side.

    Hearing Han Qian’s announcement, her face wore a defeated look, and seeing Chen Ying’er happily bounding over in delight, she spoke helplessly, “It’s not like I even want to be on the same squad as you! This brat, you’d just drag us down on the battlefield.”

    Chen Ying’er didn’t seem to care, and swinging Wang Yuanyuan’s arm around, she said, “Sister Yuanyuan, you can’t just turn your back on someone like that. Sometimes other people are also very awesome.”

    On the podium, Han Qian declared: “Demon Hunt Squad #1, Captain and Knight, Long Haochen. Assassin, Cai’er; Warrior, Wang Yuanyuan; Mage, Lin Xin; Priest, Sima Xian; Summoner, Chen Ying’er. Squad assembly complete.”

    From this point on, Long Haochen and the six others had become a squad. Unless a member died, this squad would persist all the way until they ended their career as a Demon Hunt Squad.

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