[SYWZ] Chapter 152

Hi, here is chapter 152, today’s second chapter

As a side note, I guess I’d rather call this chapter … the b***** hug…

Guess what this b***** stands for? Reading the chapter beforehand would help I guess. Aight, the first to guess will be congratulated in the next chapter post. Sorry, for this little lame game I thought of, as a little change.

Enjoy. And thanks a lot to all donors: wiliam p, abraham daracen, bryan r, who brought us this chapter.

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  • EclipseK

    I’m stuck on the teaser…

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      me too!!
      I’m just waiting for the next chapter, thinking about the teaser lol

  • Dalek

    Same, but I don’t mind the wait, it just means that i will hafto endure even more pain for the next chapter 😀

  • Limenade

    the bloody hug O_O

  • Gator

    Thanks Totobro, wiliam p, abraham daracen, and bryan r!!!

  • junior

    Yeah it’s bloody, thanks for another chapter totobro.

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    I thought of badass, Not bloody TnT.