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    just hope the solution isn’t the melodramatic lovers separation thing that i’m so fuching tired of reading: “i like you, i’ll protect you all my life, we’ll meet again in five years, just because”

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    Hi every1 i just finished reading the manga for Shen Yin Wang Zuo (77 chap), but there is something i kinda want to know. so i wanted to ask you if any1 can spoil the past of mc’s mother, when mc finds that his master is his father then his mother explains that 10 years ago she suffered a painful experience ( she got raped ??)and couldn’t face his father and ran away, so does any1 know what happen to her 10 years ago? i have not read the LN so i dont know if the author had reviled her past or not. so if you guys know what happen please spoil me 😀

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      nah.. i dunno what hap not even to the latest chap, besides LHC’s father always treat him like a son, even his reaction of joy when discovering the fact that LHC got Scion of light body shows that theyr father and son…

      i dont think and refuse the believe other wise 😛

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    • Haochen’s mother is actually a 100’000 year mount beast that got hunted by the Alliance.





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