[SYWZ] Chapter 146

Hi, here it is!

Sure thing you didn’t expect so many things to happen suddenly on a single chapter. Who was it that said that the tournament was advancing too slowly? *stucks out his tongue*

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  • Felix Schlüter

    Can mit read the chapter.

  • kyosukedeiknives

    ugh omg I know what happens up to chapter 170 (roughly) so I can’t wait for this fight to finish and the outcome. It’s so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW are you accepting other translators?

  • Olbid


  • I’ am Tian

    I cant wait to see what LHC will do about this “Important situation”. 😭

  • Solraze

    OMG YOUR A TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felix Schlüter

    i can not read the chapter till yet. And chapter 147 is not mentioned on the site. Help

    • Carlos Jose Barva Serrato

      delete your cache, try to refresh your browser, and if you cannot see 147, go to chapter 146 and click next chapter, that way i will appear too.