[SYWZ] BACK HOME and Chapter 143

Hi, I’m baaaack!!!
This trip to China was quite fun, feel free to ask me anything about it.

Now that I am back, and that I saw that some donations kept going when I wasn’t able to check it, thanks a lot for your support everyone!

I’m going to get to work, aka rushing the translation and the queue, as promised. So expect one chapter tomorrow, two chapters this Friday, and two chapters this Saturday, at least. Aight!

Also, I’ll be back to interacting with the community, which means I’ll be back to being active in the comment and discussion section.

Here is 143, the last ‘standard chapter while the queue is still filled’!! Which means that from now on, when the queue is filled, there will be instead of standard chapters, sponsored chapter coming out within less than 24h.

  • lordcattank

    thank you very much for the chapter

    • lordcattank

      so did you get to visit any cool places while you were there

      • Actually, most places I visited were not in itself especially ‘interesting’, but the trip was cool!

        There were places like a museum about tea, a museum about the history of the city, and zzzzzz, and some days, we spent at least 6/7 hours in the bus.

        As a result, sure it was not the most fun trip ever, but because I was with people I liked, the trip became fun and these lame places became enjoying to visit.

        Note: The man who invented the ็ฉบ่ฐƒ aka air conditionner is really a genius. I need to thank him deeply, Aimituofuo!

  • Kenchan

    How’s your diarrhea? lmfao

    • XDDD, don’t remind me these painful memories, argh, just thinking of it makes my stomach ache.

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    noice to have u back /o/ the diarrhea sounded exciting >.<

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    Oh you’re french, didn’t know that ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    Yay! Finally!
    More translations ๐Ÿ˜
    Thank you very much.

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    Welcome back. Good to have you back safe and sound to make sure translating goes on. I begin to feel the excitement to read new chapter like a thorn on my side, hahaha. That goes to show how important you are in my life with “Divine Throne”. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Verslint

    Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your trip and got home safely!

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    DONT YOU HAVE JET LAG? are you human? im glad your back but dont over work it. or you will make mistakes. then you have to redo it.


      • Solraze

        ok XD

  • Drifter

    Hey did you visit the great wall? Also take it easy, no need to push yourself too much about the translations btw

    • Nop, I didn’t go to Beijing. thanks for your advice, I’ll do my best though!

  • Kagato

    Bon retour :3 / welcome back :3
    Dans la France pays du vin et du fromage … Et la saucisse ๐Ÿ˜€

  • KAi Kazame

    i wanted to post it on reddit but its not letting me post it os imma post it here

    Hi every1 i just finished reading the manga for Shen Yin Wang Zuo (77 chap), but there is something i kinda want to know.
    so i wanted to ask you if any1 can spoil the past of mc’s mother, when mc finds that his master is his father then his mother explains that 10 years ago she suffered a painful experience ( she got raped ??)and couldn’t face his father and ran away, so does any1 know what happen to her 10 years ago? i have not read the LN so i dont know if the author had reviled her past or not.

    so if you guys know what happen please spoil me ๐Ÿ˜€