[SYWZ] Chapter 142

Hi, here is chapter 142!

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  • NotBob

    umm…link doesn’t work?

  • genesisflare01

    woot /o/

  • Olbid


  • kevon218

    Just so you know, 143’s teaser is under chapter 144

  • Limenade

    Can summoned creatures revive? I feel like a lot of mounts/summoned creatures have been dying throughout this tournament even though the summoners are fine.

    • nananansnansid

      No, most likely and no mount has been killed, only injured. Summoned magical beasts were killed though. I’m guessing that the summoned magical beasts are just under control of the summoner and are not their mounts/friends for a life time.

    • EclipseK

      The teaser said that Hao Yue bit the the head of the magical beast of LHC’s opponent off… I wonder what LHC feeds Hao Yue…

      • Solraze

        i know he likes Fish