[SYWZ] Chapter 141

Hi, 141 is out! Enjoy the whole part ‘To Fight For Cai’er Sake’ in this single chapter.

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Love you guys.

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    Hi toto, Chapter is down, I cant read it, old message is in play.

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    Yup, did you forget to post the actual chapter? 😛

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    He did. Haha. I was waiting for this. Let me read this before my classes start Totobro!

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    did u failed to post the chapter? or is this some kind of trolling

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    Uuuuu chap 141 ; – ;

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    guys remember this have happen before where there was a message about the chapter being released but something happen to the original link and all. right now toto have problems with net connection, so toto cant fix it as fast as toto will normally do when this kind of thing happens, so pls people be more patient while u wait on new chapters being released. for now pls dont begin to make negative comments about toto breaking a promise or anyting like that pls, toto is doing the best toto can with what toto have at hand right now.

    and i apoligize for my poor gramma