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    • Chapter 141: To fight for Cai’er!

      A twisting silhouette became faintly visible in front of Han Qian. If Long Haochen was here, he would definitely recognize that this thin elder that appeared from a sort of distortion was precisely the one who guarded the Alliance’s Treasure Vault that day.

      A great change appeared on Han Qian’s face; revealing a bitter expression, he said, “Saint elder, my bad. A person of such a great moral stature as you naturally wouldn’t remember the offenses of this humble servant, there is no need for you to lower yourself to my level!”

      The thin elder coldly snorted, “I don’t care about your bullshit. Just come with me to the Assassin Stadium. If you don’t want to, how about taking that grandson of yours there instead? ”

      Han Qian deeply sighed, and replied with an heroic expression, “I… I’ll go, okay? Please don’t be too strict with me!”

      The thin elder took a step forward and advanced into the distortion, instantly disappearing. As he disappeared instantly, a noise of cold snort was left in the air.

      Han Qian looked at Ying Suifeng, and Ying Suifeng showed a helpless expression, “Next time, just keep this mouth of yours shut. This younger brother will pray for your well-being.”

      Han Qian said with a sullen face, “The Saint elder is already this old, but he’s still as fierce as in the past. Brother, I am leaving…”

      In the end, Long Haochen didn’t manage to overtake Cai’er and returned alone to his hotel with a helpless feeling.

      As he was advancing forward, he suddenly giggled in realization. His beautiful and big eyes opened wide, Cai’er’s last words, this mh, could it be… could it be an agreement to my request? She… She agreed to let me hug her!

      Yes, she definitely did! I’m so stupid, I only noticed now. If it wasn’t like that, why would Cai’er have run away?

      Long Haochen felt flame raising in his whole body, he was on fire! As his left hand shook, he couldn’t help but reminisce about that day when he got to feel Cai’er’s slender waist.

      He went back, going to pursue his cultivation seriously. I will definitely get first place. An intense conviction filled him as he took big strides forward in the direction of his room.

      On the other side of the street, from an unremarkable corner, Cai’er listened to his footsteps and their change of rhythm. Her beautiful face slightly flushed, she revealed from the corner of her mouth the trace of a touching smile.

      The knock-out competition entered its second day. The atmosphere had become much fiercer. Today, the top four was going to be decided from these eight competitors. The ones who would win today would have a 75% chance to obtain one of the rewarded spiritual stoves. Without a doubt, all of the competitors were going to make an all-out effort to seize victory.

      Long Haochen came very early to the Knight Stadium. Seeing Cai’er seated at the same place as the day before, Long Haochen rushed to her and discretely took her hand. She did no more than slightly lower her head, without uttering a single word.

      Because she conceded yesterday, Li Xin was already eliminated and could only sit in one of the seats in the rear of the lounge.

      Long Haochen really liked this feeling, this atmosphere that was shared only by the two of them. Just by holding her hand, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

      “For the eight-to-four matches, the drawing of lots will begin. The top eight competitors may enter the stadium. ”

      Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand and stood up, but what pleasantly surprised him was that this time, Cai’er didn’t take her hand back, instead holding his hand as she was pulled to the stadium by him.

      Cai’er was an intelligent girl with a strong opinion, but when she leaned on Long Haochen’s shoulder yesterday, she already did not fear other people talking of them anymore. In that instant, she met this relationship between Long Haochen and herself head on.

      When the six other competitors looked at this couple of sweethearts, their expressions changed greatly. Among them, some had already experienced Long Haochen’s strength by themselves, while some others didn’t know about it at all, but each of them saw the terrific display showed by Cai’er yesterday.

      Quickly, the top eight contestants arrived to the center of the platform. The method of drawing lots was completely the same as the day before, only the count of people was a lot fewer.

      Long Haochen was somewhat astonished to discover that his grand-teacher had an ugly expression today. More precisely, he looked pale, as if unhealthy, as his eyes were void of any expression. Also, the muscles in his face occasionally twitched, with no way of guessing what could have happened to him.

      “The drawing is about to start.” Han Qian said dispiritedly. He repeatedly sighed to himself, This old man has already such a high age, but it still ended with me being beaten up like that, it’s really too pathetic.

      As he pulled Cai’er’s hand on one side, Long Haochen lifted up his other hand. With a halo pressed down from above, he simultaneously lifted up his head, looking at the other competitors,

      Among the other six others who managed to enter the top eight, there were only two people Long Haochen recognized, Yang Wenzhao and Huang Yi. Among the other four, there was also that knight of the fifth step that Long Haochen had already encountered before.

      With a twinkle of golden light, the drawing of lots was immediately completed.

      In the middle of this drawing of lots, Long Haochen’s gaze was fixed upon Cai’er’s body. Naturally, the one he desired least to end up against was her.

      It seemed that his luck was pretty good. The golden shades on their bodies were clearly different. Surely, they wouldn’t have to fight each other today. Long Haochen lifted up his head, and looked at the others.

      The eight elites were now ready for the show, and as expected, some were joyful and some worried. The most depressed was Huang Yi, because his opponent for this eight-to-four match was precisely that Cai’er. Seeing the same light on Cai’er’s body as the one on his own, Huang Yi was full of bitterness. He knew, and was afraid that this was the end of his advancement in the competition.

      Contrary to expectations, his mental state was still okay though. It was because Huang Yi knew that no matter who the opponent he would be against today, his odds of victory were not very high anyways. The only sad thing was that the opponent he drew today was just the one he was the least likely to prevail over among all the others.

      Long Haochen also saw his own opponent. The one he had to face today was the control-beast-user of the fifth step, coming from the Spiritual Temple. Clearly, this wasn’t going to be an easy match.

      The Knight Temple had the same bad luck once again. Yang Wenzhao and the last knight of the fifth step drew each other. In the end, they couldn’t avoid another match between knights. Only, Yang Wenzhao looked at ease. He felt, on the contrary, that his luck was quite good. At least, he didn’t end up against Cai’er.

      The last pair was naturally composed of the other assassin, peaked fourth step, and the sole warrior who advanced to this stage. They both looked happy, because without a doubt, they were the two who had the lowest strength of the top eight, closely followed by Huang Yi.

      This was the perfect opportunity for them to stake everything to take this chance of entering the top four.

      Han Qian’s face looked even more terrible than before. This luck was really too lacking, for him to make his own people draw each other once again.

      However, no one dared to laugh at him today. Each match of this day was going to be of the utmost importance to every one of the Six Great Temples. Could their Temple enter the top four in one go? To enter the top four was akin to only one step away from the threshold of the top three. This wasn’t only about the spiritual stove offered as a reward, but to each of the Six Great Temples, this was one of the greatest symbols of honor!

      Ying Suifeng was quite better off. He had extreme confidence in Cai’er, and furthermore, two of the youths from his Assassin Temple managed to enter the top eight, so his chances were quite great. Aside from the other three auxiliary hall masters who didn’t have any of their youths in the top three, all others stared fixedly at their own disciples, seemingly communicating something to them with their looks.

      “The ones with the most shallow colors, can remain, and the others can return to the lounge.” Han Qian said dispiritedly.

      Long Haochen’s pair of eyes flashed; today, he was the one carrying the most shallow color.

      “Cai’er, your opponent is Huang Yi, earth system mage of the fifth step. He possesses an Earth Elemental Fairy. He’s good at using the [Earthly Waves] technique, and uses it in particular for fast displacement. You are in the fourth match, I am in the first one. Go back to the lounge first.”

      He wasn’t going to repeat yesterday’s mistake. Not only did he tell Cai’er who her opponent was, but he also precisely detailed his characteristics for her sake.

      Long Haochen didn’t try to cover his words at all, and Huang Yi’s face looked even more bitter. Similarly, the Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen from the Mage Temple had an agonizing appearance. Giving Cai’er a look before giving Huang Yi another one, he looked completely helpless, and his face was lacking any color.

      The others slowly drew back from the field, leaving only Long Hao Chen and that control-beast-user. The referee already entered the stadium, activating the protection barrier that surrounded it.

      “Long Haochen from the Knight Temple against Liao Yu from the Spiritual Temple. Both parties will start at a distance of 50 meters from each other.”

      Long Haochen slowly drew back, while attentively observing his opponent.

      Liao Yu was a youth with a slim build, and approximately the same height as the fourteen year-old Long Haochen. His age was for sure past 20. His appearance was above average, and his face looked pale. But his eyes were particularly glittering, and had a powerful reflection power. As he slowly drew back too, his look was fixed on Long Haochen.

      As the distance between both parties was gradually increasing, the war of gazes had already started between the two of them.

      Liao Yu carried in his hand a white-colored staff. This color of staff was quite uncommon; it was hard to guess from what kind of material it was made of.

      “The match may begin.” In the instant the distance of 50 meters was reached, the referee called out loudly, and simultaneously, his body flashed, retreating at high speed, and leaving the two youths by themselves in the stadium.

      Liao Yu had made his preparations long ago. As soon as the start of this match was announced, his chant erupted in a flash. At the same time, a white-lustered ring was distributed around his body.

      Clearly, his incantations weren’t as fast as that Bai Xiao Mo or that Fang Zhu’s, but his diction was a lot clearer. Furthermore, it seemed to have a fantastic rhythm. Even more unusual, together with the recitation of this incantation, he unceasingly waved the staff in his hands. With a similar tempo as his chant, mystical milky-white-colored characters formed all around him. In a mere three seconds, a huge white door was formed before him, and a sort of lightning-elemental magical beast leapt from it.

      This was an entirely snow-white-skinned leopard with blue stripes. Its height was only approximately 2 meters and it didn’t look too robust, but it gave off a strong yet beautiful feel.

      Liao Yu took a step forward, as this snow leopard instantly became covered with a white halo, and in the next instant, Liao Yu appeared on the Snow Leopard’s back.

      Snow Shadow Leopard. As fast as lightning, as swift as wind, and expert at ice control magic. Different Snow Shadow Leopards master different innate magic. And in terms of speed, it was among the best-ranked species of magical beasts.

      Looking at the magical beast summoned by his counterpart, Long Haochen immediately made his judgement. His father and his teacher taught him everything about the overwhelming majority of existing species of different magical beasts, including the Snow Shadow Leopard. Without a doubt, Liao Yu didn’t want to use this Snow Shadow Leopard for attacking purposes, but to behave as a mount. Relying on it, he would try to stall for time.

      In the moment Liao Yu executed his summon, Long Haochen didn’t directly charge. On his forehead, purple characters shone, turning into a deep-purple-colored illumination spreading from his body to the ground. Nine lines were drawn and flashed, before turning into naught, and at this moment Haoyue’s enormous figure had already appeared on the ground. In regard to summoning speed, he was truly even faster than Liao Yu.

      A mount? He has a mount? In the first row of the lounge, Yang Wenzhao was astonished, and couldn’t help but stare at this Haoyue, standing before Long Haochen.

      The current Haoyue was far different from the originally miserable-looking Earthfire Lizard. With its body extending four meters long, its silhouette seemed like that of an Earth Dragon. Although it didn’t reach an Earth Dragon’s height, it had four solid and vigorous limbs, as well as a wide and dignified back, giving off a solid impression.

      His three huge heads were raised up high in the sky, as three purple halos floated, spreading from his back. On it, two bigger kinds of bones appeared, looking like a seat for knight. From his three heads, three lights flickered. Looking at him, it seemed like now that he obtained the third head, he indeed looked very fierce, but in particular, his eyes gave off a cold, dignified impression. He gave an expression of absolute aggressiveness.

      Long Haochen’s figure twinkled, as he immediately fell on Haoyue’s back, and a fantastic scene occurred. From Haoyue’s back, thorns extended, wrapping around Long Haochen’s body, as he leaned forward; on his back, these thorns were directed toward each other, firmly setting his body between them. The man and his magical beast formed a single entity.

      Before stepping into the stadium, Long Haochen had already put on the entirety of his armor, the silver-colored Holy Spirit Armor that let out a faint radiance, including the helmet that covered and concealed his entire face. Both hands immediately pointing above, his Holy Spirit Sword and Holy Spirit Shield appeared, completing the Holy Spirit Set.

      A faint silver halo was released from his body, enveloping Haoyue in it, gathering around their body was a layer of thin silvery light. This was precisely the supplementary effect [Holy Spirit Supplementary Armor].

      This mighty outwards appearance was for real: wearing a silver-colored body armor, a silver sword and silver shield, he looked a lot more imposing than Liao Yu, the one he was facing.

      Haoyue’s three heads simultaneously roared. Crossing its four claws, he ferociously rushed toward the opponent, as above his three heads, different radiances glittered.

      Seated on his back, Long Haochen appeared extremely peaceful, as a golden fog surrounded his whole body, taking a shape of a ring around. This was [Storing Power].

      That’s right, seated upright on Haoyue’s back, he didn’t need to make any motions, so the situation was perfect for him to use [Storing Power]. If the previous Long Haochen could be said to try to use the other competitors to temper his own strength and increase his combat experience, rousing his potential, then, from today’s fight onwards, he could be said to be completely going all out for the sake of victory. There was only a single reason for that: for Cai’er.

      In the lounge, great changes instantly appeared on Yang Wenzhao’s face. He had previously had a great battle against Long Haochen, and it ended up as his victory;moreover, he held back to some extent. However, now that he looked once again at Long Haochen, he discovered with shock that this youth, a lot younger than him, had already become a completely different person.

      Fifth step, mount. His former advantage disappeared immediately.

      In less than a month, changes turning the sky and the earth upside down had occurred in Long Haochen.

      Yang Wenzhao wasn’t the slightest bit shocked by this display of strength, but was a lot more shocked by his progress speed.

      “HOU, HOU, HOU.” Hao Yue’s three heads roared once again, as three glows of different colors shone simultaneously. A great war was on the verge of occurring.

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