[SYWZ] Chapter 138

Here is chapter 138!

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Have a good read.

Didn’t manage to use a VPN, since the ones I have been recommended had their sites blocked in China. Nonetheless, next chapter within the next 24h this time! Look forward.

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  • Aitch

    Try astrill vpn, i was using it when in beijing.

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  • Solraze

    Thanks XD. 1 thing is Li the first name or Xin? it gets a little hard when there are 2… Lin and Li…. keep thinking Lin is the girl lol.. Li (Lee?) .

    • She’s Xin/Xin’er, which means ‘fragrance’ or something like that.

      Li is the family name (father: Li Aoxiao)

      • Solraze

        wow Thank you for the reply. ok i get it. love your work and keep safe

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    yay! thanks bro

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    try zenmate or dotvpn???

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