[SYWZ] Chapter 137

Hi, here is chapter 137!

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I’m in a good shape, though a bit busy. Hopefully, I’ll have more free time by the end of this week and/or the next one, which would mean pace increased by a lot. Anyway, once back to France, expect some NICE RUSH.

Have fun!

Oh, also, does someone know a trustworthy VPN? I cannot even access my mail since google is blocked here :x.

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  • name
  • MrRadthorne

    I’ve been using privateinternetaccess as my VPN provider. It worked well.

  • Someanon

    For phone supervpn for pc zenmate

  • Sorry, also, I didn’t precise but I’m using a Mac right now.

  • TunnelBear, there is one other i used to use, but i forget the name. You only have a limited time per use. 500Mb of data, before you get kicked off, but it’s one of the most reliable, and one of the safest. Also if you need more time, just make a new email and use that, and repeat the process. https://www.tunnelbear.com/
    This is the link, don’t just use a VPN because someone says it’s good, make sure to read up on that specific VPN. Anyway good luck.

  • Also it can be used on Mac, i don’t use it on the comp so i’m not to sure on the time limit, but its probably just a trial for 48 hours or something, idk you’ll need to check it out. I just know it’s trustworthy, and reliable, that in itself makes it a VPN worth considering.

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  • Kaze

    thanks for the chapter.. as for vpn, i’m using F-secure Freedome and pretty satisfied with it..

  • Hishiro

    Thanks for the chapter! Quick question…

    I started reading ahead in the raws and I’m in a bit of a panic! (T198)
    part 1 and 2 on the raw are the same, so it is missing a bit of the
    story, and again for (T208) part 3 is the same as (T209) part 1… and
    the end of (T208) some good stuff is happening, I don’t want to miss it!
    Are there other sources for the raw to find the missing parts?

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  • Saucisson

    You can also try Torbrowser (https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en), it’s what I used while in Korea for … Hum, something.

  • Dave

    So if you’re looking for a mobile vpn Id reccomend Express VPN. It worked really well for me for my two weeks in China.

  • How2Proxy

    You can buy a vps for a few dollars (around 3 to 5) and install danted socks5 proxy server on it. Pretty easy and you’ll have yourself a private proxy 🙂

  • Kurowind

    if proxy options don’t work for you and you have someone back home you trust, you could forward your gmail to an accessible email service