[SYWZ] Chapter 134 – news, going to China for two weeks

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With this clear of queue, I have a little announcement: I will be going to China on this Saturday.

Till then, nothing will change: as usual, you may expect up to one/two daily sponsored chapter. However, when I will be in China, releases may slow down a little, which implies in this case more ‘standard releases’, and less ‘sponsored ones’. The trip will have a duration of two weeks.

I will try my best to keep the bonus release pace as it is now, but if I don’t can’t manage to, there may be less ‘bonus chapters within 24h’ released during this period.

Don’t worry though, each release that takes more than 24h to be done will not be subtracted to the queue, and be done as ‘a purely ads-supported standard chapter’. Also, most new chapters will take at most 2 days to come out. It means that at the very worse, there will be 3/4 weekly releases, which is not so slow either actually.

And if some ‘funded chapters’ are accumulated and not completed during the trip, they will definitely be rushed, and even faster than usual, as soon as I will be back; 2 weeks later.

By the way, the main goal of this study trip is to improve my Chinese, and I will make sure that once back, I will definitely be at my greatest shape, and as a result, the translation as well.

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    Don’t take your laptop, smart devices, etc! Or take some disposable devices and don’t log in with your regular account on their internet.

    • Oh, thanks for your advice. could I ask you why you think I should:
      -Not take my laptop, smart device, etc
      -Not log in with my regular account on their internet.

      Actually, I was hesitating on whether I should bring them, so if you could go in depth in your advice-making, I would be very grateful.

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        Once you login to any internet access there, they can monitor what you see and do and you will have no access to social media. The only way to get around that is to download a 3rd party VPN on your devices that can bypass China restrictive firewalls, The ones I found that work well are GreenVPN, OpenVPN and VPN4ALL. It is best to download the VPN software before you go to China as their internet will not allow u to download the VPN client. Then when you are in China only connect to the internet through your VPN client and that way you will be able to access all your social media and bypass the restrictive firewall

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    always be careful when tou travel in a foreign contry. useful tips when goings to china.

    1:don’t take your wallet but a money bet or a pocket around th neck if not you will be stolen for sure.

    2: always put your stuff on you with you or on the ground when the police control you the same will be stolen.

    3: water bottles because tap water should be boiled in china before drinking.

    4.tourist scam expensive taxi and other

    5. to be sure if you lose it scan your passport and other paper and send them in your email adress and if you lose or someone took it again XD go to the local police then the embassy
    6. always pay in cash if you can
    7.if student invite you to tea for some reason your bluecard may not work

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    Try to get tor browser before going, and check additional nodes for china.
    Or any vpn solution like hotshield. It will be harder to find those there, because mostly restricted.

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