[SYWZ] Chapter 130

Hi, here is the chapter 130.

From what I saw in this chapter, the ‘innate talent sharing’ looks like it is likely to persist even after the retainer contract ends. And the retainer contract does likely not have a fixed duration. Anyway, we’ll know about the duration of the innate talent sharing later on in the story, I guess, so let’s be patient.

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  • Deus Ex Machina

    The link keeps going to the teaser. Not sure whats happening , since i cantsee the full chapter

    • Saol

      Try deleting your cache and than refresh again. (On browsers like Firefox you can do it by pressing ctrl+f5)

  • Sindri

    I think the innate talent sharing does end when the retainer contract does which is why Han Yu wanted to get his grandfather to lengthen the contract.
    Innate Spiritual energy seems to define the training speed and max level a person can reach, so without the sharing Han Yu at 63 innate would find it very hard or impossible to reach the divine knight rank. With the boost he can though, after he reaches rank 9, even if the contract is dissolved and he goes back to 63 innate he is still a rank 9 divine knight, though he probably wont progress further. So while the innate talent sharing ends with the contract, they keep whatever cultivation they gained while it was active.
    That’s my thoughts anyway, thanks for the chapters, keep up the good work.

    • Zetta

      This is what I understood from the explanation that was given in the chapter. Thank you for the chapter and hope you feel better.

    • Symbiotic91

      Same ideas, what i also got from it is that his teacher got an indefinite contract length which is why lhc would never be able to get another retainer.

      • Sindri

        Yeah no time limit was mentioned and i cant see LHC cancelling it at any point.

  • Saol

    Thank you bros for the chapter:) (bros for the people that donate and the translator)