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SHEN YIN WANGZUO (神印王座 “Divine Throne”) by Tang Jia San Shao

Story : While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose, and protected the last of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to help his mother. During his journey of wonders and mischief in the world of temples and demons, will he be able to ascend to become the strongest knight and inherit the throne? (from the author)

Table of Contents:

Act 1: Scion of Light

(T1) Squire Knight Examination (I, II, III, IV): 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4

(T2) Mysterious New Instructor (I, II, III, IV): 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8

(T3) A Teacher who comes from Hell? (I, II, III, IV): 9 ; 10 ; 11 ; 12

(T4) Standard Knight Examination (I, II, III, IV): 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16

(T5) Knights’ Sacred Mountain (I, II, III, IV): 17 ; 18 ; 19 ; 20

(T6) Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (I, II, III, IV): 21 ; 22 ; 23 ; 24

(T7) Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter (1, 2): 25 ; 26

Act 2: Asura Ye’s Disciple

(T8) Saint Spiritual Stove (I, II, III, IV): 27 ; 28 ; 29 ; 30

(T9) Radiant Shield (I, II, III, IV): 31 ; 32 ; 33 ; 34

(T10) Asura Ye (I, II, III, IV): 35 ; 36 ; 37 ; 38

(T11) Knights’ Sacred Mountain (I, II, III, IV): 39 ; 40 ; 41 ; 42

(T12) Starlight Unicorn (I, II, III, IV): 43 ; 44 ; 45 ; 46

(T13) Long Hao Chen’s Companion Mount (I, II, III, IV): 47 ; 48 ; 49 ; 50

(T14) Evolution (1, 2): 51 ; 52

Act 3: Long Sets Sail

(T15) Entrance Examination And Equipment (I, II, III, IV): 53 ; 54 ; 55 ; 56

(T16) Long Rises and Sets Sails (I, II, III, IV): 57 ; 58 ; 59 ; 60

(T17) Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon (I, II, III, IV): 61 ; 62 ; 63 ; 64

(T18) Demon Hunt’s Secrets (I, II, III, IV): 65 ; 66 ; 67 ; 68

(T19) The Mysterious Stone Ball (I, II, III, IV): 69 ; 70 ; 71 ; 72

(T20) Violent Priest (I, II, III, IV): 73 ; 74 ; 75 ; 76

(T21) Fight Starts (1, 2): 77 ; 78

Act 4: Demon Hunt Competition’s Qualifiers

(T22) Cai’er, the Blind Girl (I, II, III, IV): 79 ; 80 ; 81 ; 82

(T23) An Alarming Sword (I, II, III, IV): 83 ; 84 ; 85 ; 86

(T24) Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (I, II, III, IV): 87 ; 88 ; 89 ; 90

(T25) Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (I, II, III, IV): 91 ; 92 ; 93 ; 94

(T26) Actually, I am very ugly (I, II, III, IV): 95 ; 96 ; 97 ; 98

(T27) Clash of Retribution Knights (I, II, III): 99 ; 100 ; 101

(T28) Cai’er’s Wrath (1, 2): ; 102 ; 103

(T29) Saint Daughter of Samsara (I, II, III): 104 ; 105 ; 106

(T30) Evolve, Saint Spiritual Stove! (I, II, III): 107 ; 108 ; 109

(T31) Entering the Main Stage (I, II, III): 110 ; 111 ; 112

(T32) Abnormal Combat(s) (I, II, III): 113 ; 114 ; 115

(T33) Hao Yue’s Evolution: Third Head! (I, II, III): 116 ; 117 ; 118

(T34) Three-Headed Hao Yue (I, II, III): 119 ; 120 ; 121

(T35) Hao Yue enters the battle: 122

(T36) So strong Cai’er: (I, II, III): 123 ; 124 ; 125

(T37) Gigantic Divine Soul Shield: (I, II, III): 126 ; 127 ; 128

(T38) Innate Talent Sharing!: (I, II, III): 129 ; 130 ; 131

(T39) Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light: (I, II, III): 132 ; 133 ; 134

(T40) The Sixteen Finalists: (I, II, III): 135 ; 136 ; 137

(T41) Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (I, II, III): 138 ; 139 ; 140

(T42) To Fight for Cai’er’s Sake! : 141

(T43) For The Glory of Knights (I, II, III): 142 ; 143 ; 144

(T44) Battle Transcending the Heavens (I, II, III): 145 ; 146 ; 147

(T45) Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao (I, II, III): 148 ; 149 ; 150

(T46) This Is The Hug You Owe Me (I, II, III): 151 ; 152 ; 153

(T47) Long Haochen’s Demon Hunt Squad (I, II, III): 154 ; 155 ; 156

(T48) Challenging a powerhouse of the seventh step (I, II, III): 157 ; 158 ; 159

(T49) Team: 160

(T50) Mythril Foundation Armor: 161 ; 162 ; 163

(T51) ‘Knight and Assassin Forming a Single Entity’: 164

(T52) My Idiot!: 165 ; 166 ; 167

(T53) ‘Night Battle’ in the Mountain Pass: 168 ; 169 ; 170

(T54) A Beginning of Tacit Understanding: 171 ; 172 ; 173

(T55) Contribution Points Equally Divided?: 174 ; 175 ; 176

(T56) Angel Vanguard: 177

(T57) Three Grand Demon Gods 178 ; 179 ; 180

(T58) Sheng Lingxin Ignited: 181 ; 182 ; 183

(T59) Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood: 184 ; 185 ; 186

(T60) Raise Flowers Into Trees : 187 ; 188 ; 189

(T61) The Bloodthirsty Beta Demon and The Mysterious Case: 190 ; 191 ; 192

(T62) Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion: 193 ; 194 ; 195

(T63) The Light Elemental Spiritual Stove and The Little Pig: 196

(T64) Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig: 197 ; 198 ; 199

(T65) Light Elemental Spiritual Stove: 200 ; 201 ; 202

(T66) Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution: 203 ; 204 ; 205

(T67) Demon God Emperor: 206 ; 207 ; 208

(T68) Demon God Slayers: 209 ; 210

(T69) Recuperation! Caiíerís Stove of Samsara!: ; 211

(T70) We are the Champions: 212; 213 ; 214 ; 215

(T71) Moonlit Merchant Group: 216 ; 217 ; 218

(T72) Desperate Straits! Forbidden Spell!: 219 ; 220 ; 221

(T73) Carriageís Roof! Long Haochenís Stage!: 222 ; 223 ; 224

(T74) Bloody Battle! Real Core of the Team!: 225 ; 226 ; 227

(T75) Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon Godís Descent: 228 ; 229 ; 230

(T76) Princess Yue Ye: 231 ; 232 ; 233

(T77) Grand Fiend Cavalry: 234

(T78) Kill the Demons: 235 ; 236 ; 237

(T79) Self Created Technique: Ripples of Light: 238 ; 239 ; 240

(T80) Eternal Rest: 241 ; 242 ; 243

(T81) Eternal Melody: 244 ; 245 ; 246

(T82) Fiend Lord of the Seventh Step: 247 ; 248 ; 249

(T83) Six Paths of Samsara: 250 ; 251 ; 252

(T84) Lin Xin’s Secret: 253

(T85) Slaughter: 254 ; 255 ; 256

(T86) Modu City: 257 ; 258 ; 259

(T87) The Stunning Maid: 260 ; 261 ; 262

(T88) Return? Mission Complete: 263 ; 264 ; 265

(T89) Lin Xin’s Counterattack!: 266 ; 267 ; 268

(T90) Challenge accepted: 269 ; 270 ; 271

(T91) Big Harvest!: 272

(T92) Collective traing behind closed doors: 273 ; 274 ; 275

(T93) Changing equipment, Glorious Tier: 276 ; 277 ; 278

(T94) Bloody Battle in the Southern Mountain Pass: 279 ; 280 ; 281

(T95) Ensnare the opponent of the Seventh Step: 282 ; 283 ; 284

(T96) Moon Demon of the Eighth Step VS Radiant Haochen: 285 ; 286 ; 287

(T97) Hero (I, II, III): 288 ;289 ;290

(T98) Sole Successor: 291

(T99) Illusory Paradise(I,II,III): 292 ;293 ;294

(T100) The Changes on the Tower of Eternity(I,II,III): 295 ;296 ;297

(T101) Group Progress(I,II,III): 298 ;299 ;300

(T102) Spirit of a Powerhouse(I,II,III): 301 ;302 ;303

(T103) Martial Skills of Ancient Times(I,II,III): 304 ;305 ;306

(T104) Competition(I,II,III): 307 ;308 ;309

(T105) Perfect Kill: 310

(T106) Illusory Shrine(I, II, III): 311 312 ;313

(T107) Illusory Paradise(I,II,III): 314 ;315 ;316

(T108) Scapegoat Spiritual Stove and Crown of Heritage(I,II,III): 317 ;318 ;319

(T109) Three Spiritual Stoves (I,II,III): 320 ;321 ;322

(T110) A spiritual stove that never appeared before(I,II,III): 323 ;324 ;325

(T111) Prophecy (I,II, III): 326 ; 327

(T112) First Demon God Pillar : 329

(T113) Devil Dragon, Real Form (I,II,III): 330 ;331 ;332

(T114) A God’s Chosen One (I,II,III): 333 ;334 ;335

(T115) Fusing Spiritual Stoves(I,II,III): 336 ;337 ;338

(T116) It’s different? Your thigh… (I,II): 339 ;341

(T117) Ten Devil Dragon Crystals ( (I,II,III): 342 ;343 ;344

(T118) Wage War Against Undeads (I,II,III): 345 ;346 ;347

(T119) Blazing Phoenix: 348

(T120) Haoyue’s fourth head, Blue Butterfly (I,II, III): 349 ;350 ; 351

(T121) A Million Contribution Points (I,II,III): 352 ;353 ;354

(T122) VIP auction! (I,II,III): 355 ;356 ;357

(T123) Aria of the Goddess of Light (I,II,III): 358 ;359 ;360

(T124) Test for Demon Hunt Squads of Commander Grade (I,II,III): 361 ;362 ;363

(T125) The test of the Temple Knight (I,II, III): 364 ; 365 ; 366

(T127) Twelfth Holy Guard (I,II,III): 368 ;369 ;370

(T128) Second Floor of the Tower of Eternity (I,II,III): 371 ;372 ;373

(T129) Sixteen Slaughter Missions (I,II,III): 374 ;375 ;376

(T130) (insert title name) 130 (I,II): 377 ;378
(T131) (insert title name) 131 (I,II,III): 380 ;381 ;382
(T132) (insert title name) 132 (I,II,III): 383 ;384 ;385
(T133) (insert title name) 133: 386
(T134) (insert title name) 134 (I,II,III): 387 ;388 ;389
(T135) (insert title name) 135 (I,II,III,IV): 390 ;391 ;392
(T136) (insert title name) 136 (I,II): 394 ;395
(T137) (insert title name) 137 (I,II,III): 396 ;397 ;398
(T138) (insert title name) 138 (I,II,III): 399 ;400 ;401
(T139) (insert title name) 139 (I,II,III): 402 ;403 ;404
(T140) (insert title name) 140: 405
(T141) (insert title name) 141 (I,II): 406 ;408
(T142) (insert title name) 142 (I,II,III): 409 ;410 ;411
(T143) (insert title name) 143 (I,II,III): 412 ;413 ;414
(T144) (insert title name) 144 (I,II,III): 415 ;416 ;417
(T145) (insert title name) 145 (I,II,III,IV,V): 418 ;419 ;420 ;422 ;423
(T146) (insert title name) 146 (I,II): 421 ;423
(T147) (insert title name) 147: 424
(T148) (insert title name) 148 (I,II,III): 425 ;426 ;427
(T149) (insert title name) 149 (I,II,III): 428 ;429 ;430
(T150) (insert title name) 150 (I,II,III): 431 ;432 ;433
(T151) (insert title name) 151 (I,II): 434 ;436
(T152) (insert title name) 152 (I,II,III): 437 ;438 ;439
(T153) (insert title name) 153 (I,II,III): 440 ;441 ;442
(T154) (insert title name) 154: 443
(T155) (insert title name) 155 (I,II,III): 444 ;445 ;446
(T156) (insert title name) 156 (I,II): 447 ;448
(T157) (insert title name) 157 (I,II,III): 450 ;451 ;452
(T158) (insert title name) 158 (I,II,III): 453 ;454 ;455
(T159) (insert title name) 159 (I,II,III): 456 ;457 ;458
(T160) (insert title name) 160 (I,II,III): 459 ;460 ;461
(T161) (insert title name) 161 (I,II,III): 462 ;464 ;465
(T162) (insert title name) 162 (I,II): 463 ;465
(T163) (insert title name) 163 (I,II,III): 466 ;467 ;468
(T164) (insert title name) 164 (I,II,III): 469 ;470 ;471
(T165) (insert title name) 165 (I,II,III): 472 ;473 ;474
(T166) (insert title name) 166 (I,II): 475 ;476
(T167) (insert title name) 167 (I,II,III): 478 ;479 ;480
(T168) (insert title name) 168: 481
(T169) (insert title name) 169 (I,II,III): 482 ;483 ;484
(T170) (insert title name) 170 (I,II,III): 485

(Index updated every ~few weeks. Please use release news page (totobro.com) to navigate between newer releases)

A manga adaptation exists.

  • Ersin

    First it seems 😀 good job translating this series i already read mahnua of dbcq you guys are had-to-had right now 🙂

  • Ersin

    I think sysw is more interesting would like to read more

  • azyrion

    I have seen the manhua raws of BTTH further ahead and it seems to be quite epic so I would prefer reading more of it than SYZW.

  • what is DPCQ? and just work on what you think is best since i dont know about DPCQ and SYWZ. haha

    • Ouuups I meant BTTH when I wrote DPCQ sorry. It is because in Chinese, Battle Through The Heaven = Dou Po Cang Qiong, and I got a little more used to the Chinese name. By the way, if you don’t know about SYWZ I recommend you to read the manhua http://mangapark.com/manga/shen-yin-wang-zuo-tang-jia-san-sha, a lot of people told me that it looks very interesting. Though I’ll read it later for not spoiling myself, personally XD

      • so DPCQ is BTTH huh, now i read sywz manhua and i dont like it haha, dont know about the novel tho.

        • Oh, after reading all the 8 chapters out? A lot of people told me it looks premising though, can you please tell me why you don’t like? I’m pretty curious now :p

      • well, after i read it i dont get interested maybe becos i read so many good manga,manhua that my standard is high. also the manhua is fast that i feel they skip so many thing and i feel like it just a summary. SPOILER : [and fight is lacking like the duel of mc and 1 of student, also when mc met girl being chase by black cloth men and some light shine and white cloth man appeared the black cloth men then died. i was like, that’s it? even if you say the white men is just strong ,it lacks action. oh and i wonder how the his new teacher know what happen with him and the girl like he see what happen. new teacher also doesnt look like a knight to me, no armor no weapon. the plot doenst interest me much, that my impression after i read 8 chapters.] haha

        • Aha, if it is that, I am completely agree with you. I think one chapter of this manhwa may correspond to 3 or 4 of the novel, even though there are less than 10 pages by chapter. There are even more details in the summary I did for BTTH 20->24. The story has no time to be developped T.T. But, I forgive them, because they drawed a such beautiful cute MC, completely like the original work imagines him I think. About no weapon, no armor, I personnally think, (though if it is the case you spoiled me ^.^) it may be a good , giving to this a ‘wuxia’ aspect that I would really like 😀

          • TaffyGirl13

            I just finished reading the manhua raws (up to Ch.48) and I was wondering if I should start from the beginning for the novel or if I should just pick up relatively where the manhua raws left off….Is the manhua accurate to the novel? O.o

          • Yes and no. Yes because the plot is the same and you should have no problem understanding if you take the novel after the last update of the manhua; no of course it is not very very accurate, they miss a lot of little details but no too big ones

          • TaffyGirl13

            Hm….ok thanks! I think I’ll just pick up the novel raws where the manhua left off then. I can always reread the beginning few chapters from this site. It will definitely lessen the amount of chinese I’ll have to read XD

            How far have you read the manhua?

          • End of the competition, but I went more far on the novel

          • TaffyGirl13

            Oh…..did it finish? That should be most of the raws that are up anyways. Did you like the manhua?

          • I liked it. But I’m glad I read the raws before the manhwa or else reading the manhua would have made me too lazy to read the raw.

          • This is also the reason why I was so much in a hurry to catch up with manhua at the beginning.

          • TaffyGirl13

            Hahaha that’s exactly my problem right now. I got hooked on the manhua and read all of it but now I’m too lazy to read the parts of the novel that the manhua covered already.

            I kind of knew that would happen though, and I still did it. Probably because I knew I would be too lazy to read the whole novel series in chinese -.- The manhua’s pretty good though 😀

          • That’s a natural reaction. The manhua is excellent if you compare to CD or DLDL adaptations.

            Maybe you should ignore the chapter of the novel you skipped for now, and come back to read them in a few weeks if you feel like doing it

          • TaffyGirl13

            Oh gods, CD and DLDL manhua were horrible. I’ve started reading ahead of the translations for those novel series though, which is partially why I didn’t want to start SYWZ novel raws on top of that. Too much chinese for my brain 😀

            What is your favorite series right now?

          • Novel, I’d say it’s BTTH. Followed closely by the novels that are the best graded on my RL.
            Anime, there are a lot.
            Manga, I really like the Gamer lately, & stuffs like romance comedy ongoing like relife or shigatsu wa kimi no uso or domestic na kanojo or koi to uso

          • TaffyGirl13

            I haven’t bothered starting BTTH yet it’s sooo long. Will probably get to it…eventually…I’m obsessing with Doulou now 😀 CD is kind of getting boring but it’s still good. I should probably reread ST kind of forgot how far I had read. I really should start reading SS. Desolate Era….is ok. Lots of feels. XD ZL I’m content with just following the translations 😀

            I dropped Xian Ni and SR though :/

          • I like SR. I didn’t have the time to really rush Xian Ni yet, but I think it really looks promising. I’ve proofread a few chapters of the manhua and I really liked it

          • TaffyGirl13

            I did like the Xian Ni manhua which is what got me to start reading it. I read the novel raws a while ago and stopped around where the translations are at now. I like the plot/characters, which is why I liked the manhua, but I find the writing style a bit hard to read.

            SR….probably gets better eventually. I dropped it at ch.50 which is super early considering it has like 1100+ chapters. I really liked the real life portions because Rui is super badass but I felt the VR parts were a bit repetitive. I might pick it up again when translations gets past ch.50 but I don’t think I’ll read the raws anymore >.< What do you like about SR?

          • AmnesicCat. Ermmm I mean, I like the fact the MC is a good guy, a strong guy, his personality, and the interesting fights.

          • But this isn’t the kind of novels you should rush, its something like, read a chapter every day, and enjoy slowly, its not too cliffhangerish after all

          • TaffyGirl13

            AmnesicCatttt 😀 Yea it definitely doesn’t have many cliffhangers. I think I just thought the boss fights weren’t as interesting as say, in ZL. But Rui is definitely super awesome in real life XD

            But yea I’ll probably chill with the translations still 🙂
            Speaking of translations, thanks for translating SYWZ. Less chinese for me to read 😀

          • you’re welcome. Lol funny fact we used comment disqus system as if it was Skype, normal conversation mode XD. I’m really enjoying having this blog.

          • TaffyGirl13

            Hahahaha oops sorry for spamming your blog with comments >.< I just realized how long this became….O.o

          • Don’t worry, I told you I enjoyed talking.

          • TaffyGirl13

            It just ended up like a normal convo cuz we both happened to be on at the same time haha. Otherwise it would’ve taken days for the comment thread/convo to get this long 😀

          • Haha, looks like Disqus system is really quite practical, plus we can see when someone else is typing

          • TaffyGirl13

            Yea I thought that was really cool 😀 And kind of convenient. But only if both people are online haha.

          • ^^’, okaaay, now I’m gonna catch up on LMS. I’ve a few volumes from the marriage to ‘attack’. raawr XD

          • TaffyGirl13

            Hahahaha ok have fun 😀

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    After that I’d prefer concentrating on one, btth, just because there are so few completed xianxia out there,

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    Can’t really pick one……….

    • Don’t worry I plan on continuing working on both for the moment. Just, I would like to know some points of vue from readers, for choosing which one I will spend more time on.

  • Hiiiiiii!!!!! Both seem so interesting but I think you should concentrate on SYWZ until Gravity catches up. Make sure to create an entry on mangaupdates.com to get more people to the blog also throw your updates on reddit.com/r/lightnovels. Doulou Dalu is really popular so I think you will get a lot of fans if you keep at it 😉

    • Hi. Thanks a lot for these advices. When I will have the time, I will seriously consider doing that. After all, the more people here, the merrier :).

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    • http://gravitytranslations.com/, the website of the team I am part of. I originally posted the chapters 25+, but since I am a part of the team, I prefer the chapters I work on to be directly released on the team’s website, after it is edited.

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    • Oh I didn’t notice it at all, thanks ! Repaired 🙂

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    • I’ll try my best, i translated every day since I discovered Sywz btw :p

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      Great timing, we have just made a “Staff” page at the top, but there are 3 of us atm. Toto as the translator, Sora as the editor, and me as the Proofreader.

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    • 2-3 days for now, maybe 3-4 days when more busy, and hopefully 1-2 days or 0,5-1 when I’ll be used to TL and have a lotta free time. But when my pace will go up or down for at least a few days, I’ll say it.

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      The series is finished at around 300 or so chapters and if you’re asking about the next chapter, it is going to be edited soon.

      • Actually, 306 “titles” so in reality, it is about 306*3.5 chapters, I counted too hurriedly

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    “Brother Yang, brother Huang, hello.” Although they were his opponents, they already knew each other. After Long Haochen and Li Xin went up to them, they took the initiative in greeting them.

    As soon as Yang Wenzhao saw him, his complexion changed immediately. With a bitter face, he said, “I’m not so well! I hope that when we draw lots, I don’t draw you.” After talking, he hurriedly entered.

    Looking at him, who had the appearance of someone who just saw a ghost, Long Haochen couldn’t help but be in a daze, What’s up with you? Is that the same powerful opponent who defeated me that day without even summoning his mount? Could it be that he no longer has faith in confronting me anymore?

    Yang Wenzhao was naturally not afraid of him. In a one on one, he wasn’t even afraid of fighting Cai’er, but the situation where an assassin was the strongest was naturally not in a front-to-front fight. He clearly didn’t want to remember an assassin of Cai’er’s caliber. Most of all, that day, his grandfather didn’t even pursue ‘this’ matter. One could only imagine how frightening that assassin girl’s background was.

    Huang Yi’s meeting with Long Haochen was very much the opposite. Facing him with a smile, he greeted him.

    “Brother Huang, that day I had something to do, so I didn’t see you fight. In the end, who between you and Wang Yuanyuan managed to get out of the group?” Long Haochen inquisitively asked.

    Huang Yi proudly said: “Fluke, I won by fluke. Wang Yuanyuan indeed has a formidable strength. Facing her head on, I definitely had no way to be her opponent, so I came up with some tricks. Relying on joint cast, together with my fairy companion, when she embedded her gems and unleashed the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s power, I finished my [Earth Waves]. Talking about it really embarrasses me, but during the whole battle, I used [Earth Waves] to aid me in running away. In the end, I exhausted her spiritual energy and barely won. I have to thank you, if she had not used the enormously consuming Gigantic Divine Soul Shield from the start, under normal circumstances, there’s no way to predict who would have emerged victorious.”

    With what he said, Long Haochen understood that during this match, Huang Yi read in Wang Yuanyuan’s thoughts. That girl was certainly formidable, and even from Long Haochen’s point of view, for her to have ended up unable to enter the top 16 was quite unfortunate.

    “Humph! Truly shameless.” In the middle of their conversation a voice filled with rage sounded from behind them. The two turned around to look at the owner of this voice, but wasn’t that Wang Yuanyuan? And beside her was Chen Ying’er.

    Chen Ying’er’s complexion didn’t look so good. The little loli hurriedly took a few steps forward and faced Long Haochen, comparing her little fists with Long Haochen. “You look down on me? You didn’t even come to the last match.”

    Long Haochen helplessly said: “Of course not. Only, I had something to do on that day. I apologize to you.”

    Chen Ying’er stuck her tongue out at him and without waiting before taking her turn to speak, the raging Wang Yuanyuan, who had a dangerous expression when looking at Huang Yi, dragged her by the hand into the stadium. Evidently, having gone through these preliminaries together, these two girls developed a good friendship.

    its said “two males”

    Which was Yang Wenzhao and Huang Yi

    that time they great each other and calling them ” “Brother Yang, brother Huang, hello.” ”

    and this sentence became a female

    [With what he said, Long Haochen understood that during this match, Huang Yi read in Wang Yuanyuan’s thoughts. That girl was certainly formidable, and even from Long Haochen’s point of view, for her to have ended up unable to enter the top 16 was quite unfortunate.]

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